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Volunteer Opportunities

Holland Western is a non-profit organization run completely through donations and volunteers! If you've never volunteered with us before, first, let us say WELCOME! If you have volunteered before and are returning to see where we might need help, THANK YOU!

We depend heavily on our volunteers to assist in planning and hosting events and have a wide variety of opportunities, so bring your family and your friends because we've got something for everyone! Although we are an equestrian focused organization, many of our jobs do not require you to have any horse experience! And don't worry if you don't have any special skills or aren't sure what you'd like to help with, we can teach anyone willing to learn!

As we do offer a wide variety of events, that also means we have a wide variety of opportunities for those interested in assisting with our events! We need doughnut picker-uppers (or doughnut tasters!) and friendly morning people to greet our participants as they arrive and assist with registration. We also need active people willing to follow our judges around in the ring and run score cards to the computer person entering points in the clubhouse throughout the day!

Even on non-horse show days, we still need volunteers to assist with registrations, and to ensure proper safety precautions are followed on our Extreme Trail Course. Some days are dedicated clean-up days where we might be clearing trails, planting flowers, and cleaning up the clubhouse.

Behind the scenes, we're also always looking for people with special computer skills that can help us with marketing on social media and keep our website and forms updated. Other days we may need a creative person to help us design flyers to hand out at the local tack sales.

If this all sounds greek to you don't worry, we can help you be successful!

Click the first link below to see all of our upcoming volunteer opportunities and to sign up for an event.

Click here to sign up and VOLUNTEER!

If you would like to be more involved in HWHP, are interested in becoming a Board or Committee Member, or are looking to volunteer with a large group, we would love to talk to you!  Please Contact Us today!

If you are a Member, check our our Committees page to see what committee and board positions may be open!